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Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix at a local park filming Untitled ‘Woody Allen’ Project in Newport, Rhode Island on July 28th 2014 

"The group had a blast hanging out on a yacht and then Jared went into the water to go for a ride on a jet ski. However, the actor’s first attempt of getting on the water vehicle was not successful, as he slipped off and fell into the water. Eventually Jared was able to get on the jet ski and made some waves."

—Jared Leto in Capri, Italy (via steelnglass)

Q: So Sam’s been through a lot in the past few seasons. How does having a demon for a brother compare to everything else?

Jared: At first, Sam obviously doesn’t know. […] Sam got back to Dean’s room at Dean was gone. He doesn’t know what happened. He doesn’t know what happened. He has his suspicions.

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Capri, Italy

GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 5 favorite music artists [1/5]
Florence + the Machine

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